Founded in 1988, by Paula D. Hughes, Paula's Place for Cakes has been serving exquisitely beautiful and delectable cakes on the Eastern Shore for over 25 years. We are  a family owned and operated bakery located in the small town of Greenwood, Delaware. Locals refer to us as the "Diamond in the Rough," because the amazing tastes of these cakes is located in a traditionally unorthodox business location. When customers stumble upon our bakery, they feel that they have truly found the diamond of all cakes!

                         We specialize in cakes for all occasions:

                                                -Wedding            -Baby/Bridal Showers
                                                -Birthday            -Holiday
                                                -Anniversary       -Just Because (YOU WANT CAKE)
                                                -Cupcakes           -Picture Cakes

At Paula's Place for Cakes, we pride ourselves on the unforgettable tastes of our cakes. We guarantee that your guests will be talking about "your cake" weeks after the event. 

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